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How to create a craft/DIY project that goes viral!

There are SO many craft and DIY projects on the web these days.  Some are amazing, some are ok, and some are just blah.  I personally spend a lot of time searching for these projects and trying to come up with I think is unique and original.  Now, I realize craft and DIY projects might […]

Halloween Inspiration All Year Long

4 pumpkin crafts not from real pumpkins

Today I wanted to bring to you a handful of fun pumpkin ideas that were created out of pure cleverness and ingenuity using common everyday materials!  I love when people get innovative with materials they have on hand, don’t you? It’s especially great, since it’s not that easy to find real pumpkins in stores yet! […]

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Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial

I was so inspired by all the pumpkins and Halloween stuff I saw at Michaels this past week, that I decided to go ahead and get started on my Halloween crafting!  With the popularity of the crazy crayon dripped canvases, I decided to do my own version using a pumpkin instead of a canvas.  I […]

Halloween This & That

Check out a few fun finds and gifts in my world! My friend Pattiewack bought me 2 cute candy corn candy dishes. I decided to glitz and glam it with some ornament accents! I couldn’t resist these Mission Halloween Chips that I picked up at the supermarket. I’m can’t resist cool spooky foods like this! […]

Ignite your creativity

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5 Ways to beat the Creative Blues

I go through all kinds of highs and lows being a creative being and sometimes I hit a roadblock. My emotions sometimes feel like a roller coaster. Didn’t I get enough as a teenager? It’s so not fun sometimes! With this in mind, I thought I’d share some tips/realities/and coping mechanisms for dealing with the […]


5 ways to be a better creative observer

Everyday is something new, but it seems like a lot of times we fall into ruts and the days just creep by and we get incredibly drained. All we want to do is veg on the couch! I totally understand and can relate to this; however, sometimes I think part of the reason we feel […]

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10 Creativity Tips to inspire you

I would consider myself a creative person, but I wholeheartedly will admit that sometimes it is hard to keep your energy up. Seems like theres work, family, and other stresses that can sometimes break our creative spirit. Here’s a few tips fog getting your mojo back and letting that creative juice flow! 1) Constantly observe! […]