Battle of the Network Stars

Taken from…I loved watching this show as a little, little kid!

‘Battle of the Network Stars’ is back!

Ready for an update of the 1970s Battle of the Network Stars? Bravo will air a new version that pits 32 reality TV vets (including Survivor’s Richard Hatch and Susan Hawk and Amazing Race’s Charla and Myrna) against each other in athletic contests like jousting, kayaking, and tug-of-war.

Complete this sentence: Bravo’s late-summer series Battle of the Network Reality Stars is a sign…

a) …that reality stars have equalled or surpassed actual actors in fame.
b) …that no network actors were athletic enough (or desperate enough) to compete.
c) …that ’70s Battle veterans Loretta Swit, Lou Ferrigno, and Jimmie Walker, who’ll cameo, are still alive.
d) …that Omarosa, Bachelor Bob, and Trishelle, who’ll serve as commentators, will never go away, ever.
e) …of the impending Apocalypse.

Choose as many of these as you think apply. Or add your own


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