Better late than never?

I’m home at 4:30 today. Odd for me on a weekday, and it would be nice on most normal days; however, I am really upset about something I just did…

Well, I left work at 2:50 to make a Lex. appt. by 3:30…I knew I was going to be late and I drived like a semi mad woman to get there. (Did I mention I hit all the red lights?) Yeah, I could have left earlier (about 10 minutes); but there were some signs that needed to be finished and I felt responsible for them…anyway, I got to the dr. office and sat down (the normal thing to do, most people don’t check in). My dr. or nurse, whatever her title is, called in another lady. She didn’t see me cause I was sitting on the same wall the door was. Anyway, I waited another 30-45 minutes, thinking, hey, shouldn’t she be done yet? I finally went up to the desk and the lady said that Martha (the nurse/dr.) had written me off for being late and that after 15 minutes, she cancels the appt. I was 12 minutes late, granted, but I wasn’t 15 minutes late. Very bad, but it is very hard to make appts. based on where I work and all that. Ugh, I just feel so crappy now. I have to go back on Monday at 8:30. I have to ask my boss to let me come in late. I just feel so irresponsible. It is one of those “lesson” moments, but I think that sometimes doctors should be more understanding, esp. when a lot of them aren’t understanding of our time. I can’t blame anyone but myself.


  1. Carey says

    Sweety you can’t be so hard on yourself. Okay, so you stayed late to work. What’s wrong with that? That’s admirable, even. I would have just left as early as possible… you beat yourself up too much! Has this hurt anyone? No! Life goes on.

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