Dawson’s Crick

So, I’ve got this weird kinda odd crick in my neck. It’s not really a crick though. When I roll my head around, it is an area that doesn’t really pop. Okay, talking about popping my neck, may by some seem gross, but I regress. I have massaged it, done the hand on top of the head pop, everything, but it is still there. I think I need to go to the massage therapist. There is a great place here (the Healing arts academy) and they will give you a full hour massage for $40. I like the lady that does it (I’ve gone to her twice), but I might try someone new. I really think that she could do more pressure. I’ll prob. call tomorrow if my neck is still bothering me. Sometimes they can get you in in the same night.

So, I worked on my portfolio mini book tonight (to go in with my resume). It is coming along. I’m bummed by two things: My paper cutter has a rough edge, so the edges are a little rough. Not a big deal for most (some people wouldn’t notice), but it is for a job, so I want it to look really clean and crisp. Also, I was doing a mock up one and used my mini hole punch…well, anyway, the hole is too big for the brads, so I am going to have to buy some regular size brads to fit. Not the type of thing I can go run out and get, considering it is almost 11:30 and I need to be in bed.

I’m trying to watch Lost and get clued in on what I missed with the past season. I find it very interesting and it is nice to have a show to watch during the summer. Granted, I did watch Dancing with the Stars, but it is not that interesting of a show. Pure 60 minute waste of time is more like it. I watched it while I beaded a bracelet for my sis…amethyst beads with swarvorski crystals (bracelet and earrings).

Pixie is leaning her head on my foot. I think she is ready for bed.


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