Figuring it out

If you had asked me when I got out of college what I wanted to be 5 years from now, I would have told you an art director at an ad agency. I’ve never been organized enough to jot down the steps to how I would have gotten there, but that is what my plan was.

Now, as I am approaching that 5 year mark (I’m at 4 right now – the same amount of time I was actually in school), I really don’t think that is what I want after all. I guess there are some people who can tell you that they have this pre-determined career path that they want to go, but with so many variables in our everyday life, how do we truly know where we will end up?

I never thought I would have liked the craft industry so much. My current job, even with its flaws is in a creative industry. I wouldn’t trade it for working on a horse publication (yuck) or for a job designing corporate brochures or ads.

I guess my mind is expanding, I have found out that I am not a great typesetter, or good with type in general. I wouldn’t have known that as editor of my college yearbook, though I’m sure the many typos should have been a clue. I guess what I am trying to say is that as I am getting older, I am getting to fine tune what I want to do and without the experiences I have been through thus far, I wouldn’t know what appealed to me.


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