I LOVE THE ’00’s

My friend Justin recently told me that he and his girlfriend were trying to think of things that would appear on I LOVE THE ’00’s. I thought this was a funny idea and would be a great conversation starter. Anyway, here is a short list I compiled (I’m sure I will add more as time goes on), but pitch in. This could be really fun.

– Michael Jackson Trial
– That’s Hot (Paris Hilton saying)
– Ipods
– Saddam being caught in bunker
– Bennifer/TomKat (celebrity nicknames)
– Jared Fogel (Subway commercials)
– Spam (internet junk, that is)
– Newlyweds/Jessica’s Ditzy sayings
– Janet Jackson’s boob incident
– TV: Osbournes/Joe Millionaire/Survivor
– Gay Marriage
– Newsmakers: Jessica Lynch/Jennifer Wilbanks “Runaway Bride”

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