Mall happens

I went to the mall tonight. It was unexpected. Tash was there so I went with her. I bought a cute aqua tube top with a sash at the limited. Who would have thought? I can hold it up quite well.

So, I come up my stairs after getting home and someone has thrown my welcome mat down the stairs. I think that is rude. I know it is kind of old, but why would someone do something that stupid.

I also went to Jo-ann’s tonight. I was a big shopper indeed. They have a brand new bead section. It is about time. They have a very good selection of Blue Mountain beads and now findings and spacers to go along with it. It is actually quite cool. They have these little drawers full of beads on strands and they are divided by type of bead: glass faceted, pearl, red glass beads, black glass beads, etc. Joann’s had the suckiest bead selection before, but now they are reasonable and very pretty. I also got Molly some really cool glasses for her birthday. They are white tall wine glasses with a clear base. They were 40% off, too. They go along with her modern style and I thought they would be pretty outside if she gets some patio furniture (right now she has a rotting picnic table). But they would be pretty inside, too. I know she loves hostessing.


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