Roadside trash and the like

Let it be noted that there are a few things in life I absolutely detest:

1. Picking up trash of any kind/going to the dump/Emptying trash pens (bad childhood experiences).
2. Having to move logs after a tree has been cut down (bad childhood experience as well).
3. The actual act of moving (boxing stuff up and carrying boxes about 50 times up and down stairs).
4. Writing cover letters. To me, it is one of the hardest things to do…to bloat your ego and make yourself
sound like you are God’s gift to an employer. You would think it would take 30 minutes, tops. I have been working all day on this one.
5. I couldn’t think of anything else…just thought a list of 5 was better than a list of 4.

I find that on weekends, where I have no solid plans, I don’t get a lot done. This is a good and bad thing. I did:

1. Get a new swimsuit that I like (striped tankini with bikini bottoms (they have a loops with a striped belt to match the top)
2. Get a new pair of dark jeans to wear with heels ($12.49 – what a steal)
3. Get a new Dr. Pepper shirt that on the back says, I’m a pepper.

With these purposes in mind, I purposely avoided this Fransiscan Art Festival in Midway. I love going to festivals, but what if I find something I absolutely want and can’t pull myself away. I’m already trying to reduce my debt on my credit card (almost to $1000 in debt. This is a good thing, I promise.

So, shopping is a no, no right now. I just have to convince myself that Sex and the City on DVD is reward enough for a hard day of work or in the case of this weekend, lack of work.


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