Taking on other people’s problems

So, when I got off work today, my mind was totally drained. I kept thinking about these issues my co-worker was having with her husband and it was totally bringing me down. Isn’t it funny how one person’s conversation or situation can totally bring you down? I put my main man into the cd player and I felt much better, and I feel better now. I just have so much more things to focus on.

Molly is coming for a visit. Yippee. I think I may take her to Coffee Times. Maybe Joseph-Beth. Those are two of my favorite places here. I am so looking forward to some girl time. I really need someone to talk to after this week. There’s a kinda friend/sorta aquaintince having a get-together tonight at a local bar and I was going to go, but man, I just am not into that tonight. Granted, it is his going away party, but I’ve never been chummy chummy with him to begin with. I’ll just send him a best wishes e-mail or something. I just need to focus on me tonight.

I got a letter from Melissa Allen. It was so nice. The first snail mail I’ve gotten in a while. I saw this cool correspondence kit at Joseph Beth where you send this kit back and forth. She would be the type of person that would like doing it.


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