whoa. Changed my blog background. I think it is more reflective of me. That other one was so so old.

I went to the grocery. Didn’t wear a bra. I guess that is not a bad thing…I pretty much can get away with it; however, as soon as I walked in I was self-conscience of it. I held up my grocery list in front of my chest when I walked by a man. I guess next time I will wear a bra. Oh, and I saved 6 or so dollars on my Kroger Plus card.

My house is messy. I find it so hard to get motivated to clean it. Tasha said she would come over and help me one night. That way, it doesn’t feel like such a task. I think if she does that, I’ll offer to take her out to eat. She said she didn’t want me to pay her.


  1. Steven says

    Like your site. Hope you keep it up this time. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog myself. One ting I did find disturbing about your blog – when you click on your pic or to see your complete profile, a site for this Sandra chick in Great Britain comes up. And damn does she look happy to be on your profile. Might want to check into that – although I got a good laugh.

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