Cute black top and a hair cut

Think “Dinner and a movie” when you read the title. Anyway, I went to the Blue Moon tonight. It was kind of lame, but half-way through the night I danced with a guy who turned out to be really nice and could actually hold his own on his pop culture trivia. So, that’s cool. I wore my $6.99 Gap top and just had my hair cut today. It must have worked. Ha. I think it looks cute. More shoulder length and it feels very healthy now. The lame thing about that place is that they play the same freakin’ stuff over and over every time you go… there is no variety. That gets old after a while. I mean, I can understand them playing the current hits by 50 Cent and Ciara, but must you play the Brickhouse/Play that Funky Music medley every single time??? I know people get nostalgic, but play another 70’s dance song. I’d be up for some Donna Summer or something…give me something here, people.

So, at the club, I saw my sister’s friends from high school. I find it kinda odd that they still go out at the Blue Moon (they have kids), but I guess if you are a mom you still like to have fun and have girl time. But, it was kinda weird. They were 17 when I was 8, so I looked up to them back in the day and to know that I am an adult now and on their level is weird.


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