Live 8

I don’t get this Live 8 thing. It is supposed to raise awareness for people in Africa living in poverty, and features lots of celebrities, but why is it called Live 8? I don’t remember a Live 7 or Live 6. Where was I? I remember such a thing as Live Aid and what not, but just raising awareness sounds lame. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually raise some money for these poor, famined people? I’m sure Bono and Madonna could use their star power to do that.


  1. arianna says

    It’s called live 8 in reference to the G8 confrences. They are held in England and I think the US, one of the topics is forgiving debt from Africa and third world countries. Bob Geldof suggests that these concerts be free so that there is more of a impact made in effort to create awareness. I think also, since Live Aid raised money 20 years ago, and there are still is a need for money, they feel it is more effective to say we don’t want money, we want awareness, to make a statement towards erasing debt.

  2. Anonymous says

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