The Not so Swell Life

My computer crashed on me. I am writing on my computer at the moment, trying to back up some files in preperation to totally refresh my whole computer system. I am going to use my reboot disks…there are like 6 of them to start up my computer in the next couple of days or so. I have to get all my files backed up first and I want to make sure that I do it at a good time. I am hanging out with Adrienne tomorrow and then go to Louisville this weekend, so I don’t want to do anything like totally reinstall my computer right before this weekend, just so I don’t totally screw up and end up bumming myself all out. It is one of those jobs, too that you need to have a block of time set aside to do it and I don’t have enough time to do it tomorrow.

Yippee! I have off tomorrow. I am going to sleep in and enjoy myself, then get up, pack, and stop by the rental office. I have to renew my lease. They said they would a)paint an accent wall b) do a carpet cleaning or c) paint my trim if I would renew my lease. I think I would want my wall painted, but I have a headache of a stain (I dropped fuchsia pastels on my floor inbetween my walk-in closet and bedroom). Not good, so I am thinking someone needs to pay extra close attention to that area. I hope I didn’t screw it up so much that I don’t get my deposit back. Oops.

Well, I’ll try to post more if I can. I don’t get on this site at work, cause I want to keep this private for my own sanity, so hopefully I’ll be back on early next week with a smiley happy face, worry free of computer problems. We’ll see.


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