I love hosting/having/going to parties. Not keg parties, but fancy little shin digs where people decorate and actually go to the trouble to do something special. Tonight is Molly’s party. I’m taking some stuff with me to help decorate. She may/may not use it. I am thinking, though, that I could help her decorate her porch up real cute and the table. My cake turned out ok. It will be delicious; however, I ruinded the icing. It is too thin…I think it needed to sit for a while longer. It is more of a glaze at this point, though, I am going to line the serving platter with strawberries around it to make it look intentional. Oops! I am giving away my secrets. Silly me.


  1. Steven says

    Alexa is the ultimate hostess. Great job on Saturday.. Everything was great.

    You’re an awesome friend.

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