So, I want to be a Pixie cat

In the middle of cleaning the bathroom. I will get it done. Stopping midway to write on my blog isn’t that productive. I took a nap when I got home, so I slept for 2 hours. That was nice. Pixie was curled up next to me. I did have to scold her tonight for lounging around in front of the microwave on the counter. Next thing I know, she’s going to be trying to run out the door when I leave or jump in the bathtub with me. She is getting so adventureous. That is a very good thing.

Did you know that Wayne on the Wonder Years (Jason Hervey) is executive producer of So, I want to be a Hilton. Weird, eh? So, if you want to be a Hilton, does that mean you want to dance on tables and star in your own pornos? Just a thought, cause you know, that is living the life of luxury.

Well, back to the bathroom I go. I think I am just going to straighten it up a bit more and head to bed. I have to get my beauty sleep, after all.


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