They are actually going to let Ashlee Simpson return to SNL to perform and host. I’m sure she will sing one of the songs she actually wrote about her flub on SNL, which is what I call making a mockery of a mockery. Has anyone noticed that she has gone blonde, too, as of late. Yes, I guess she feels she can go back to the lighter locks now that people know who she is. I kinda think the black hair suited her rocker style better, but I don’t know, I think that style was even kind of overproduced…they sell her stuff at Claires (she has her own line, so does Ryan Cabrera). Puleeze. It goes to show it is all about the marketing. Her dad has been hooking her up.

Tasha is engaged. I am happy for her. I’m glad that Jerm’s finally realized that it was time. Let’s hope that they can remain close while he is in Iraq.

Pixie is exploring the cabinet next to my computer. She is an inquisitive one. Ya know, she has been eating the shiny bag filler stuff you put in gift bags. The shredded kind. I know this cause I found red stuff in her doody. Freaked me out at first, but I think she’ll be ok.


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