Back to work blues

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. An extra day home would be nice.

I went to the Woodland Art Fair today. It was very hot outside and I was sweating not like a hog, since hogs don’t sweat, but sweating very heavily. I really enjoy going to art fairs, but it is so subjective. I mean, I walk for a whole row of stuff and see very little I like and then I see a few things I like right together. I don’t know – prob. since it is Lex – there is not going to be modern stuff here/more contemporary and expressive and colorful. I find that it is just a bland scene…lots of watercolors, wooden boxes, ugly jewelry and outdoor wind chimy stuff that I would only buy if I had a yard and even then it is so expensive. I guess I tend to like more of the Renegade craft vibe. I understand that the juried process is competitive and what-not, but overall the art was just unappealing.

I watched the E! True Hollywood Story of Blossom. Needless to say, it wasn’t that riveting.

There are several things I would like to buy at the moment. I’d like an Ipod, a washer and dryer, a scanner, and some vacations would be nice too. I have this jar that I stuff money into and that I can’t access without a lot of effort. Basically, I put $10 in there this weekend. So, if I put that much in there, by the end of the year I would have like $200 saved up. I really am considering going to NYC to visit Melissa Allen. I just want a different perspective for a few days. I need something to look forward to – something different from the norm to lift my spirits. It’s not that I’ve been totally bummed out, but the monotony of day to day life can be a bore and I want to experience something new. Yeah, I could do that here – but then again it is Lexington and there is only so much this place has to offer.

GOt all the invites out for Tasha’s party. I have two yet to make (hers and mine). It is so much easier if you do everything in a process – assembly line style and I am not super happy about making two more invites. I’m kinda over it now.


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