My computer is still jacked up. I am not a whiz when it comes to it. I am thinking I may have to take it in for some repairs. Yuck.

This has been the highlights of my week thus far:

A coke exploded in my car (luckily it was in a 24 pack box, which was sitting in the top of my cake stand, so it served as a bowl to catch the leaking coke – I know pretty disgusting, huh)

I tagged along on a date with Molly (his name was David). He was friendly to me, so he gets friend brownie points. Seemed a little young, though, but very nice.

I created a kick ass product package at work that I really had an overall hand in direction of the look of the pieces and the way they were painted by the design team. I printed out samples of pieces and made copies of styles from magazines and they actually took my suggestions. I’ll have to post it in the near future.

I got a call from a funeral home (I told them I wouldn’t need their services at this time)

I got new $13 Tommy Hilfiger cotton t-shirt sheets from TJ Maxx in bright corally pink. They feel so good and what a steal.

I successfully mastered paying my rent and insurance at the first of the month, without having to dip into my savings to make sure my checking didn’t bounce. I’ve really been trying to keep close tabs on my spending. Speaking of which, I need to balance my checkbook tomorrow.

Oh, and my car hesitated on starting. Not good, I know. I really hope it was just a fluke thing (wishful thinking, huh?)

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