Wow. This hurricane coverage is just unbelievable. I mean, my jaw dropped time and time again as I watched it. I’m really disappointed in the networks – they are not covering this disaster. Life According to Jim was on…how can they not cover something this important. CNN kept very connected with everything going on, and the stories just break your heart. One of those, “can’t believe this is happening” stories. Kinda like 9/11.

I have been making some new jewelry. Mainly on invisible cord. It is pretty, though, I don’t know if it is the type of stuff people will buy. It is very light and flimsy looking. Tasha bought some at the art fair last week and it was so georgeous. Looked better than what I am making. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Hmm, I’ll have to study up on it.

More t-shirt shop stuff. The latest site…www.cafepress.com/craftstar.

Check out my latest creations.

Does anyone have any clever ideas for me?


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