I am going to reinstall my system again on my computer. If I can’t figure it out, it is off to the repairman it goes.

I am currently intrigued by Laguna Beach. Did you know that last week the episode featured, “Don’t stop Believin'” by Journey and this week it was in to top ten on Itunes. I think that just goes to show how television influences music and the influence young people have in the media.

So, I am going to do an invite for Tasha’s b-day. It is going to be cute. I bought the envelopes at Kinko’s first and tomorrow I am going to go to the Scrapbook store to buy paper to match. I want them to look swell and be something Tash will get a kick out of.

My boss left unexpectadly today. He was in a particularly gripey mood today. I hope everything is ok. Even though he has been stressed lately, he is a really good boss and I don’t know who would even want to do his job. Yuck. It is a stressful position (lots of working with printers and complaints and no, no, no’s. Not the type of job for me).

I like being a designer. I wouldn’t want to be a creative director or owner of an agency. Art director, I could handle, but when you get to be creative director you have to deal with so much darn business stuff and I am by nature creative. I would like to keep it that way.

Should I go swimming tonight? Hmm…my brain says yes, my body says no.


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