Sad day

Today, Peter Jennings died. It is so sad. It truly is like you lose a family member in a situation like this. My parents watched WOrld News Tonight and I was always partial to it over the other networks. He really was a touching man and a part of my life that will be truly missed. He was an amazing symbol of what a true newsman was in a time where so much of it has been sensationalized.

Pixie loves her mouse that hangs on the office door. It is on an elastic string and she fetches at it all the time. I really like watching her, cause I know she is at ease and happy and it is one of the few times of the day I see her actually inquisitive and excited.

I think that is is somewhat poignant that my friend Jeff starts his new job as a television reporter the same day Peter Jennings exits the world. I know that sounds cheesy, but it will def. be something to look back on for him as a reminder in his career.

Work is ok. I found out that the three of us (women) in our office were all on our periods last week and were PMSing at the same time. I think it rubbed off onto our boss, Tom, because he got bitchy, too last week (carrying it into this week, too). Must be too much estrogen.

Why is it that when you go to the restroom, in a restroom with a lot of stalls that a person has to go right into the stall right next to you when you are at your most vulnerable (if you know what I mean) moment? I never got that one. It keeps me from going sometime. I hate that.

I am in a weird bummed out mood at the moment. I guess it will pass with time. I guess I just had to jot that down. Get it out into the world. Man, I shouldn’t have watched Deep Impact last night, it kinda bummed me out.


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