I used to be all about the VMA’s and award shows, but I spent most of it tonight talking to Arianna. I guess I always thought I would have some kind of interest in MTV and would always want to keep up on it, but as I get older, they just don’t interest me much. Most of the performances were rap and I’m not into that. It’s just not me. Kelly Clarkson’s performance was pretty cool. Oh, I heard them say the F word on tv. Something 50 said about Fat Joe. He sounded pissed. I bet that will be fined. I actually enjoyed the movie awards more this year than the VMA’s. Yep, getting old.

Tasha’s party was fun last night. She really seemed to enjoy herself and I was very glad. I was the organizer for the most part, but Dana and the 2 Jessica’s really helped out and I appreciated that. Tasha told me she had a great time and I could tell she was really happy. She loved her invite, too, so that was cool 🙂


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