life’s annoyances

It is hard to keep up with passwords. Seems like I pay most of my bills online and each place has a different set of numbers and/or letter combinations you must go by. It is really annoying. I was trying to get into my cingular account, which last month I did without hassle, and my three tried and true password attempts were denied. I have 3 passwords I use on a regular basis. They stem all the way back to my freshman year of college, but I continue to use them today, cause it is easy to go back to them. anyway, passwords = annoyance.

Also annoying, I picked up the Oct. issue of details at Kroger and in my attempt to read it the cover story on Matthew Fox of Lost, I could not find the article. There were at least 50 pages of ads before the contents page and the contents page wasn’t very specific. I couldn’t find where it mentioned the article so…I just kept flipping over the same pages and in the general vicinity I though the article would be (in the last 3/4 of the mag sandwiched between the fashion pictorials). I finally found it and read very little. Go figure.


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