If my niece said Swellgirl, she would pronounce it swell-ghoul. She is so cute. Still learning to say her Rs.

So, in an attempt to listen to John Mayer on Loveline (I found a post saying he was on that show a while back) I spent about an hour trying to download torrents and files and all kinds of stuff I don’t understand. I still didn’t get to listen to it. Go figure.

I go to on occasion and I read where a dude got arrested on child pornography charges. I saw that the guy who turned him in was named Willie Pierce and he was from Hartford. I am almost positive that this is the same kid who I played with when I was in kindergarten and when down the tornado slide with (random – I know)…anyway, that is good that he turned in some loser friend of his who was distributing it.

Ahh, I shopped today for work like 5 hours….teen clothing for some models we are going to clothe for a photo shoot. It is really hard to pick out clothing for people (esp. jeans). I mean tops, you can kinda make look good and pull in the back in photos, but jeans are a whole nother story (I know nother is not a word – but whole another didn’t go). Anyway, I am done with it for now. Yuck.


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