My Review of Elizabethtown

So, I saw Elizabethtown after much anticipation. I really liked Orlando Bloom in this role. Though I have not seen LOTR or all of Pirates of the Caribbean, I think he adapted quite well in this dramatic role. I think overall that the movie was slow and drawn out. There were several laughs and random moments. OK, I think this is typical Cameron Crowe faire, but they were light-hearted, joyful, and pleasing. And then there were some touching moments too. What bugged me about it, though was the scenes in KY and the accuracy of locations. I am always bugged by that stuff. Like why is Drew (OB) going through the tunnel on 64 to get to Elizabethtown. He is supposed to go 60B as Claire (Kirsten Dunst) says, but how would someone get that far off course, considering the Louisville airport is right next to 264. Anyway, I think they had good chemistry and you were rooting for them as a couple. YOu felt genuinely sad about Drew’s loss of his father and how he missed out. I did find it unbelievable that he, as a shoe designer, would lose a company 972 million dollars. The shoes were a huge flop and he was to blame (what ever happened to focus groups, testing and experiments?) and why would one shoe design whiz kid take the fall for one bad shoe? I don’t know, maybe that happens, but I think that job was just supposed to be the superficial part of his life that was controlling him and going back to Elizabethtown was a way to learn more about his father and himself. Anyway, be prepared…it is long (and they had cut 18 minutes off of it from a previous screening), but it is very enjoyable.


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