New discovery

Online checking is a good thing. Why didn’t I just call and get my password a year ago. Now I am seeing transactions posted as I make them and it makes me feel good to know I can stay on top of things (balancing a checkbook – I get an 0 for 10.)

So, I purchased some stuff for my party. Went to the scrapbook store and to the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is so nice for piddly things. I wanted cheap stuff for my party (2 weeks and counting – reminds me that I need to ask off). I pay half the price there that I would pay at Wal-mart or Target. I need to get my Halloween stuff out. I love that feeling of getting stuff out and discovering something new or old that you forgot about. I think I bought a few things last year, and I have forgotten what they were. I may try to get them out tomorrow.

So a lady at work severed or almost severed two fingers today. We have this machine that is called a blister machine. Basically, if you buy an object at a store…let’s say a pack of pens to write with…that plastic holder that is glued to the card is called a blister. Well, anyway, the machine jacked up and wasn’t turning around. All the workers sit around it and operate it (think a lazy susan). Anyway, she reached her fingers in a place she shouldn’t have and since the machine punches down and is on a timer, it punched down on her fingers. They had to airflight her to Louisville, so I’m sure it is pretty serious. She is such a sweet lady. I hope she is ok. It is a very scary accident. We have had two accidents in the past month. Last week a guy fell down the stairs and cracked his back and is still in a lot of pay. Talk about workers comp.

I am watching Pixie play with her mouse o n a string. Lately, she has liked it when I rub her belly as she plays. She’s kinda fat, I just love rubbing her tummy.

Well, gotta get ready in a bit to go to Qdoba pre-Elizabethtown. I was contemplating ordering tickets, but maybe I will swing by before the movie. You have to pay extra to order online. I just hope it is not going to be popular tonight, considering it was filmed around here. We’ll see.


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  2. Laudyd97 says

    Hope you had fun at your party. You always went all out for Halloween in college. I just found a pic of the poster you drew freshman year of Echo holding your severed head. Pretty freaky. I totally agree with you about Dollar Tree. You can get stuff there so much cheaper than anywhere else. I constantly get stuff for my classroom there.

  3. Anonymous says

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