The Entreprenuer Life

So, went to the ADPi house tonight in an attempt to sell my jewelry. I thought, hey, this should be perfect…college girls with excess money, all preppy and cute and looking for some cheap goods. Boy was I disappointed.

So, I got there, with this enormous amount of stuff that I made and listened to them sing and chant in the other room while I tried to lay it out. I was getting flushed and nervous, cause I only had a few minutes to get it all together since I arrived late cause I couldn’t find the place. I finally got the stuff out and arranged in an okay fashion, not what I would have liked, but it worked. Then about 5 girls came in and looked at the stuff and about 5 girls bought something. I would usually think 5 out of 5 ain’t so bad – but when I saw in the meeting room there were about 50 girls in there during the meeting. Erin, the girl who was in charge of the event said that there were a lot of upset girls after the meeting who just left right away. It just bums me out cause I worked so hard on all the stuff and tried to market to people who would actually buy the stuff and no one showed up. I made about as much as I put into it. Whoo. I am just tired cause I worked so hard and try to really make stuff they would like and it feels like it was for nothing. Yeah, I guess I get my name out there, but it is really discouraging.

So, I am going to have to have another show, go door to door, sell the stuff at work, or something. I gotta get rid of the stuff.

And one girl said, “Yeah, people don’t wear much silver anymore.” I would have to say this is still a 50/50 split. Some people still dig silver, but she kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

Gotta put some groceries away. Lazy me blogs before I put them away and considering I read magazines after I shopped, the food could be going bad by now.


  1. Steve says

    I would say 5 out of 5 is awesome.
    I am sure once some of the girls see the stuff, there will be more requests. Your hard work will pay off. Keep it up.


  2. Anonymous says

    I think that five girls is really good. I am not sure what you meant by the girls were upset. Was it just that something went on with in the meeting, and most of the girls left? You can’t really control that, if the meeting had gone well, you probaly would have had more girls looking. I think that you just got to keep trying. I know how you feel. I had work together for that show at the gallery hop, and I put some money into the frames, and I didn’t sell anything. Now, you just have a lot of stuff for your next show. Keep it up, I wear your stuff all the time!

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