Last week, Adrienne called me prolific. I guess that means, um, yeah, I think it means that I do a lot of good things and accomplish alot. I could look it up in the dictionary or on, but I don’t feel like it.

I guess doing a lot of things is good, but sometime I feel like I stay so busy doing stuff that I don’t actually get anything done. I have this overwhelming amount of things I want to accomplish, but it just never feels good enough. I’m not an organized person. Maybe if I had a checklist and checked off things I did as I went, I would feel like I did accomplish things, but that is the problem with being creative and being Alexa – my mind is racing with this and that that I have to do, parties that I have to host, jobs that I have to find, jewelry that I have to make, scrapbook pages that I have to do. I sometimes wish there were more of me. Maybe, I just should wish for a personal asst. I know that is the only way Martha has ever accomplished anything – through other people getting her ideas out there. I’m not Martha, nor should I compare myself to her, but it would be so nice to snap your fingers and your house was decorated and cleaned. I guess I can always wish.

I’ve been having indigestion a lot lately. A lot in the mornings after I have coffee or coke. I would attribute it to caffeine, but today I had caffiene free Pepsi. Then I would say it would be acid, but does coffee really have acid.

I have nothing to eat in this house, let me correct that, I don’t want to eat anything I have in this house. I didn’t eat dinner for this reason. I didn’t have anything quick to grab and I don’t want to eat after 10. It just came to that and I’m not feeling super hungry. I’ll have to eat healthier tomorrow. Whew.


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