Ring Ring Ring on the telephone

It is incredibly hard to believe that Madonna is 47 years old. Wasn’t the last time I checked, she like 30? I gotta hand it to her, she can still churn out a catchy tune. Yeah, she’s aged, but she’s still got it (even if she is more conservative now).

I have to make myself dinner. I really dread it almost. No tv dinners, just cans of stuff. Yeah, I could make stir fry and that would be good for me. I just have to almost steer the car in the other direction near fast food. I usually make somewhat healthy choices (baked potatoes, bean burritos), but it is still not good for me. I am planning on joining Weight watchers in the next couple of weeks. With my jewelry show planned, may wait till next Thursday. I would like to lose weight. I think with the right encouragement, I can do it and if I have a system to it that isn’t so heart-wrenching, I can do it. I know I just have to make better choices. Vending machine breakfasts aren’t a good option.

Another boring day at work. Deco’s electrical wiring is a mess…a fire trap waiting to happen. It is all up in the ceiling and when Donna moved her computer today, it took like 20 minutes to do some wiring to move it around. It was a complete mess. I’m sure there are some kind of laws against it, but that place is just a mess overall, anyway. I went out into the plant today and it is just so gross back there. I guess it would be understandable since it is paint we make, but it is just so scuzzy/stained with dripped vats of paint everywhere in sight. They don’t take pride in the building at all.

I got some free product today that I plan on making Tay Tay a shirt with it…some new sequins and beads mix they did for a test. It is silver and so glimmery. Absolutely beautiful stuff. I thought I might make her a black long sleeved t-shirt that says something like Diamonds are a girls best friend with a big diamond on it or Little Miss Bling. That would be cute, too. The new products coming out are some of the best stuff they have had in years. I really hope it sells. Now that we are basically down to a skeleton crew, I really hope they can get some more people in. There are so many cool new things we are doing, but without people to execute the ideas, it is harder for those there to get them out the door. They still expect results (the big wigs), but it is just not feasible right now. I’ve suggested ideas for the web site. It needs major revamping, but while I think it needs help, I don’t want to make my voice heard too loud, cause they’ll want to do it and our dept (3 people at the moment) will be the ones to do it. With so much stuff on our plate already, it would be too difficult to do.

Well, jewelry calls as well as canned veggies.

Did anyone watch that crazy Wife Swap last night? I had no one to discuss it with today. I wish there was someone to talk to about tv there.

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