Today at work was kinda hairy. We had some labels to go out to Michael’s and we had to mock up like 100 labels to go on bottles. It is always a last minute rush around there. I’ve determined that I am not a very good deadline person. I just get so stressed out. I am also not a quick, production person. These don’t bother me; however, I need to find a path in my career where I am not too stressed out or have to work with a lot of type. Ugh. I used to think I would want to work at an ad agency, but no more. That is way too stressful for me. I just like the ideas and initial concept part of a job. If I could do something graphic design/marketing related I think I could really excel. We’ll see. I just want to use my strenghs in a career.

I need to organize my stuff, life in general…sit down and make a detailed list of stuff I need to do. I just attack stuff without a plan and in the end, this isn’t an efficient way of doing things.

I love when people make babies do weird things like dance or kick or whaterver. They are just so funny and flexible and usually don’t care what you do. Dave, my friends’ husband was doing that with Makayla tonight (their daughter). She was doing Rockettes kicks. So funny.


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