tough stuff

So, tonight I had to do something I didn’t want to have to do, but needed to do. One of those things that morally is the right thing to do, but I felt nervous and still fill kinda icky about doing. I don’t really want to go into it, because I don’t want everyone and their brother to know the situation, but let’s just say I took care of it and it still wasn’t easy.

It’s just that sometimes sticking up for what is right isn’t the easy thing to do and when it concerns your friends and family, it is really a hard decision. I just try to avoid conflict whenever I can. I want to make up a shirt that says Anti-Drama Queen, cause I feel like that is the way I try to live. I can’t handle drama very well.

I haven’t been on here as much. Lost interest, I guess, but I know that hardly anyone comes on here anyway. This is the news, though.

I have a lot of new designs on my site…check it out. Some are a little offensive, but not too bad.

I still have yet to take down all my Halloween decorations. I hate all the effort that goes into doing it, only having to take it all down and start aneew with a new holiday. Oh, well. I love Christmas too. I love the smells of Fall and Christmas….Speaking of smells, I smelled a candle at Coffee Times tonight that smelled like Tang.

My cat must get really dry skin in the winter. Felt a scab on her tonight. she had this same problem this time last year.

I have a jewelry show at the Alpha Delta Pi house. Yippee. It is a good thing, as Martha would say. I think I have the potential to make some good holiday cash (and also cash to lower my credit card bill and get it close to paid off). Busy making lots of light blue and white stuff (their colors).

I’m hoping Carey comes in town this weekend. We’ll see. I really do miss her sometimes when I’m at work, luckily, though, we still chat on e-mail.

Well, need to e-mail some peeps and send halloween pics I took like I said I would.


  1. Steve-O says

    You have readers my friend.
    I am here as usual.
    Hope everything is going okay with you.

    Great Halloween party by the way, and thanks for sending the pictures.

    Have a good weekend and good luck with your jewlery sales.

    Peace Out

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