Wal-mart Finds

I usually don’t praise Wal-mart, but tonight I can’t say that I hate it. I was trapped for two hours and didn’t mind. First, I scantered around in the clearance Thanksgiving stuff and found some wine glasses for 50¢ each. I just unwrapped them and one broke. Yeah, I could take it back but I think a little E600 should do the trick. Then I looked at the Christmas stuff a while, then crafts where I scored some cheap beads in a cute little purse packaging. I don’t know how companies can charge only $1.47 for a god awful amount of beads, but they can and I am the one benefitting. I know they prob. aren’t the best quality beads, but they are nice colors and I can pair them with nicer beads…onto the holiday section (houseware stuff). They have the cutest little mugs for only 50¢. I bought 4 and plan to give them stuffed with some chocolate dipped candy canes, goodnight kisses cocoa, and some chocolate. A pretty cheap gift, I think, but still nice. I then bought some food, and hung out in the magazine section (while my ice cream dethawed – oops) looking for Christmas tree ideas. I am not totally happy with my trees (yeah, I said trees. I have a six foot white tree in my bedroom). I’ll have to post a pic of them once I get my camera charged. The lady who checked me out was nice too double bagging my glass stuff. Most of those clerks don’t care.

Wal-mart has its good moments, I guess tonight was one. The only downside was getting soaked on my way out to the car. I contemplated leaving my cart next to my car, but I foreshadowed it rolling into another car, so I got a little more damp and put it into the cart keeper thingy madoodle. What is that thing called anyway?


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