10 things I like about the holiday season

10. Drinking hot chocolate. In summer, it just doesn’t seem as appropriate.

9. Movies are best this time of year. Oscar push-time.

8. Holiday specific food flavors – pumpkin, gingerbread, peppermint. I love a good pumpin roll or peppermint-flavored coffee.

7. Workplace seems more exciting – you just get a more excited vibe because the holidays are here.

6. Christmas songs come on the radio – now, I like it when they play them mixed in with other songs, but the all-holiday stations should be reserved for Christmas eve and Christmas. I heard Josh Grobin sing “Oh, Holy Night” the other day and it was so, so beautiful. I just get so excited when you hear that high note sung in that song. I always think, this is it…this is it…and then it’s sang. Very climatic.

5. I love wrapping presents. I love the thought of creating a perfect little package tied up with a bow. Most times though, when I give a gift like this, it is aesthetically pleasing, yet very hard to open.

4. Christmas lights. They have gotten so much more pretty over the years….whoever invented icicle lights, should get an award. It’s even fun to see those incredibly colorful tacky displays. Everyone celebrates in their own way.

3. When you go in little shops and stores, it always smells so good. I went in Kirklands the other day, and it was very yummy.

2. I really like the chime of the salvation army bell, and I usually donate my pocket change.

1. Finding that perfect holiday present for my friends and family. I love to search and find gifts that suit everyone’s personality. I want them to open it and know that I really put extra thought into finding that gift for them.


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