After Christmas kinda sorta blues

Well, don’t think I’m too down by the sound of my title. I’m, in fact, doing quite well. I took this whole entire week of to rest and recuperate. I never take vacations, and feel that I deserve one atleast once a year, so this is my Christmas gift to myself.

This is the thing, being away from my daily routine, I can get bummed out. I do enjoy having time to myself and doing things and going places, but that inner depression demon sometimes can get me down. I did (and was quite proud of myself) go to the stitch and bitch meeting tonight at Natasha’s cafe, which was nice. I met three nice ladies who were very welcoming of me and my alternate craft beading. I was very happy to have forced myself to go out of my comfort zone and attend. That was a good thing.

The thing I got most bummed about today was that my car is going to take another week to fix. So, it will be like 3 weeks in the shop – which I do not like, cause I’m renting a car. I am going to pay for part of the car rental (credit card – so I’m really going to have to pay). I just thought I would get the car back today or tomorrow. I guess with the holidays and all, everything is slow (businesses, getting stuff done). I just think, maybe I screwed up in the process. Maybe I’m too worried about it. I’ve never been involved in an accident before and I don’t know how long these things take.

I did create some really neat rings tonight that I am quite fond of out of wire. I would really like to make some money off of my crafting. I am good enough at it, I just need to market myself more and get myself out there if I want to make money. I really need to get a web site up to sell my stuff. Ugh, so much to do, so little time.

As for Christmas, the holidays were swell. Got to see a lot of people and go a few places. It was pretty laid back. I got a lot of nice gifts and I made a skirt with my new Janome sewing machine. Yeah! I hope it is the start of a beautiful relationship. Ha!

Pixie has been lovey dovey. She has been jumping up on me rubbing her paws on the side of my chest as I sit here typing. I love that cat, even if she does run away.

Hope everyone had a swell one!


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