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Kinda listening to polital stuff on Fresh Air. Teri Gross’s voice is very soothing. She just seems like such a smart lady. They’re talking about the fall of democracy at the hand of the Republican party. While, I am not a huge political nut, I do find some political discussion interesting…

Anywho, on NPR earlier they called having a blog like being a stand up comedian. You put yourself out there into the world for ridicule and I do think that either you are incredibly good at being captivating or you are just boring. Well, I’m sure there can be a middle ground, but I find myself leaning to the boring side of things. I have been struggling with my writing for a while (esp. when I tried to take a try at writing for greeting cards). It is hard to be witty, but yet concise. Very few people are good at that. While I may be creative at the imagery, to put words to an image, that is a whole other challenge.

I am thinking that I am going to make some beef stew and sweet cornbread…Jiffy. That stuff is so good…only 33ยข, but it is only good once you make it fresh. It isn’t very good leftover.

I need to write down a list and get organized with the gift thing. I really shouldn’t have that much of a problem, but buying the right gift or making the right gift for everyone takes time. I am going to make some long horizontal prints for my sister (we draw names and this is what she said she wanted). So…I’m going to have to come up with this linear/blurry type piece of art that is fairly modern, but using rustic colors. So, I am thinking that I will make shapes and lines with blurry images that I will prob. rip off the internet. I think I could pull it together. I’ll try to post it when it is finished.


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