Tay Tay is so cute

Taylor just called to tell me “Aunt Pex, you rock at Christmas songs.” Turns out, she loves the Britney Spears Christmas song on a cd I gave them last year. Ang says they’ve been listening to it for the past month. She loves the Britney Spears song the best. Something in the song about “Santa, that’s the only gift I want this year”. I don’t know the exact name for it.

Do you ever have those wake up intentions, where you tell yourself…”I’m going to get up by 10 and you end up getting up at 11:30. I even set the alarm and just kept hitting snooze. It is like my mind wouldn’t let me get up at 10. I know that sounds lame, but I don’t think my rational mind is able to process so early in the morning. It doesn’t even chime in, “You really need to get up”. It is just all out the window at 10 am. Does this even make sense.

Wrapped my gifts last night. Now I need to clean up my mess. I did well. I have like 10 or so gifts to take to Carl’s party. Whoever invented those gift bags in various sizes deserves a Christmas award. I don’t remember those being around when I was little.


  1. Steven says

    Every day is like that for me. Even when I have to go to work. I know I can get away with coming in late. So I do. It’s bad.

    Don’t forget to send me those pictures when you get a chance.
    I am working on the gift this week. Thanks chick.
    And thanks again for my Christmas gift. Can’t wait to get the mug. It rocked.

    Hope you had fun on Saturday. Great seeing you.


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