What I wish I could do…

There’s a girl I met through etsy who has an absolute awesome blog…


I really appreciate how she links all her pics and is so vivid in her writing.

I wish I could do that.

Tonight, I went to a cookie party. Took my travesty cookies, which actually turned out ok. Came away with all kinds of cookies I am going to have to share or eventually throw out (I can’t eat 72 cookies by myself. My friend Donna who has it always outdoes herself. We played 4 games (good, fun ones), had food galore. Good gourmet type food – quiche, meatballs, pepper jelly she makes. She really is Martha Stewart.

The only bad thing that happened is that another friend, Cheri ran into my car. Kinda sux, but it happens. It is dented on my back passenger door side. This is the first insurance claim I will have to make on it on my own (my dad did hit a deer when I was paying on it, but this was back in Murray days when I didn’t have the car – my junior year). Anyway, I’ll get it fixed. Donna lives out in the country and it is so hard to see. I think I ran over a small tree. I hope I didn’t hurt it.


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