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I watch (sometimes) this show called Miss Seventeen. Well, there was an up and coming young artist named Teddy Geiger and he looks like a young John Mayer. Very cute, but jailbait. There’s only one man for me (as I bat my eyes). Ha.

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I worked on my Christmas cards tonight. You will have to wait and see what they look like (the big reveal – “Driver, move that bus!”) Anyway, I’m not printing them on the best quality cardstock, but they will have to do. You know you can’t buy the really good quality stuff at the store? The weight of it is much better and it tends to be much brighter. Bums me out. I always have to go to Kinko’s and buy it by the sheet. If the big guy is working (I think he was kinda flirting with me), I can get extra sheets for free. Woo hoo.


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