Aches and Pains

I just did some back exercises. Am I too young to have back pain? Is it just me or is our generation going to have a lot of back pain when we hit our 40’s. I don’t know – I just know that I carry a lot of tension in my back.

First, I used a scarf and did some stretches. The tension from the scarf helps me work out my muscles. I heard my back pop several times. I guess this is a good thing. Then I went to a web site I found and did several neck and shoulder stretches. I do feel better. I would like to go and get a professional massage. I could do this; however, I don’t think I should buy very much more craft wise if I wanted to do this. The last massage I got was $50. It was an hour…awesome, but I can’t do them too often.

So, I had a moment today, where I smelled something that took me back. We got a the new 2006 product flyer in today and it had just been freshly printed. It smelled like a new Murray State Shield fresh from the Josten’s box. I was taken back for a moment. That was a giddy time – getting the book in that we had been working on for so long – very happy and sad, I guess.
I occasionally have this same reaction when I smell an old book. It reminds me of the Ohio County Public Library and the books they had in the children section. The bookmobile also came to my house when I was little. Isn’t that kinda weird? I guess other places have bookmobile’s, but how special do you have to be to get to have it come up your gravel driveway? Actually, I think my driveway was a stop for my road – I don’t know. I bet you don’t get that kinda service in other places. The bookmobile was such a great memory. I remember my Mommy taking me outside and letting me pick out books. I felt really special and I would keep the same books for weeks. I guess I had my favorites. This was when I was 3 or 4. I don’t know what she read, though my aunts and uncles tell me that she remembered and could tell you the most useless information. Hmm, I think I know someone else like that.

Well, that was a random tangent if I don’t say so myself!

On that note, the leader of the Other’s on Lost is the same guy who played Roscoe in the Dukes of Hazard movie and who was the running naked guy in Sideways. That scene in Sideways was too funny, but now every time I see his character I am going to think of his naked flabby self flailing behind Paul Giamotti.


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    I saw on The Fabulous Life of Christina Aguilera that she has a masseuse who lives with her, and she gets 2 deep tissue massages per day. That would be nice!

    There are a few cheaper places in Lex. I go to Healing Arts – since they are a school, you can get an hour as cheap as $30.

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