The Heart of the matter

Here’s my pic I promised of my crazy, fluffy, googly-eyed heart. This is the first thing I made on my sewing machine by myself. Yay! It is prob. the simplest thing I could make, but I am still proud of it.

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I watched Skating with Celebrities. How lame am I? I think the name is lame, cause they couldn’t say Skating with the Stars. It just is so silly.

I actually organized my financial stuff tonight. I got a folder at Wal-mart today, but realized that I should have gotten one of those accordian-type file folders. They have some new stuff at wal-mart with the “Think Spring” logo. Very fresh colors. Actually, they had a lot of cute stuff at Wal-mart today. I don’t think they have the Target edge, but I guess they are trying. I did notice the other day that no one was there to greet me at the door. That used to be Wal-mart’s thing – service with a smile, but most all the cashiers talk about how many more hours they have when I go to the register. I don’t think it is what it used to be.

So, we are doing these products at work that we are going to get made in China that are pet related. It is totally lame-o some of the ideas they are coming up with…a door stop with a dog head on it, ugly pillows with dogs on them. Yeah, and dog magnifying glasses. It is just dumb. It’s basically all from the head of just one person, so this is what you get when you don’t brainstorm or think ideas through. Oh, well, I guess it is job security.


  1. Anonymous says

    Sometimes job security can mean mopping truck stop bathroom floors, other times it means doggie magnifying glasses. When you break it down it’s all the same thing. 🙂

    -x- C

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