So Over It

I’m so over the show Invasion and I don’t even watch it. It just seems like a lame premise that gets old. I figured that out when I watched the first episode when it appeared after Lost.

Also, I am so over the Depot restaurant (saying as I barf). There is this little restaurant in Stanford, where I work, that has a “down home” country fixin’ type atmosphere. I bet the people from there just think it’s a fine, great, fancy place to eat, but I think it is one of the suckiest restaurants on the planet. Today I had a blt, french fries, and cole slaw (it so just came out of a big white bucket), and a drink and with tip it came to $8.81. I don’t mind spending that for actual good food, but when it is as sucky as the Depot, I do mind. The three ladies I eat with just love it…they only go to about 3 select places in Stanford. They claimed the Pizza Hut is too expensive (runs about the same price as the Depot if you get the buffet) and Donna refuses to go fast food other than occasionally McDonalds. Now, I realize that none of these eateries are incredibly healthy, but come on!!! I suppose I could bring my lunch every day and eat, but I get so bummed if I don’t get out of there. Maybe I need to take something motivational and read or go to Wendy’s or something (btw, Donna thinks Wendy’s is disgusting). It is just so frustrating. There isn’t a decent break room where I work and I really am not a fan of sitting at my desk and eating. I have to spend 8 other hours there a day. I have to get away!


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