What is out there for me?

I contemplate a lot on what I want to do. I feel like I have been blessed with great talent and I really do think that I will eventually find something that utilizes my design, marketing, and quirky sensibilities. It’s just that I dont know what that is.

I love to craft, as most of you guys know. Lately, my thing has been scrapbooking. I’ve submitted several of my designs to major magazines and I think that is positive. In the past few months or so, I’ve really done a lot of things…made some profit on my cafepress site, created and sold several beaded items, though not a lot, and tried submitting some original designs to another publishing company. I’ve also produced some really neat invites for friends. Oh, and that is in my spare time. I guess I have also done numerous packaging designs, ads, logos, and labels for work stuff. How could I have forgotten that?

Anyway, I do have a point and the point is…while I do all these things that I truly enjoy, where is it leading me? I really want to be successful and without trying to sound too shallow – make money. A graphic designers’ salary isn’t the greatest, though, I’m not hurting. It’s just that I think I’m pretty savvy and I want to be able to find a fulfilling career where I create on a daily basis stuff I love, and get paid well for it. It’s really not all about the money, but all of these things I pursue in my spare time are entreprenuerships. I just want to be recognized (not meaning by the people who read my blog). Do you hear of those stories where people/supermodels, rather, are discovered at McDonald’s? That doesn’t happen to most average joes. The diamonds in the rough are usually overlooked and those who are noticed have to work really hard to get noticed. Does this make sense? I guess I really don’t know if all the hard work and things I do is getting noticed or if it matters. I guess I should keep toiling away, but one day I really do hope that I can make something truly fulfilling happen for myself and love every minute of it. Then, I can look back and say, my hard work really did pay off. Until that day, I guess I’ll just keep wondering what’s in store…


  1. Justin says

    Try not to get discouraged about it. Don’t forget, you’re still young — not even 30 yet. You have a lot of time ahead of you. Just stay focused on making yourself happy and good things will come of their own accord.

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