Why is it when you need a sharpie marker there is none to be found?

On that note, the same goes for stamps and quarters (Darn you laundry machine!!)

So, I have some credit card debt. I need to pay it off, but it is not the worst it could be. I plan on making a chunky payment come tax time to get it below a thousand.

I need some advice, though…I keep using this stinkin’ washer and dryer right next to my apartment door (it is just a few steps away). I did 3 loads the other day and it cost $10. THen, it is didn’t even get my clothes all the way dry (I have to sometimes run the dryer twice, which costs $2). Should I go ahead and put a new washer and dryer on a credit card or save up and buy one. I just keep wasting $30 to $40 a month on this lame machine that is a lot of times unavailable and is annoying to have to get quarters for. Urgh.


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