Yea, me!

I never knew how to spell Yea…is it Yay, Yeah, Yea or what? Hmm…

I made my first pillow on my sewing machine all by myself. I’ll try to get a pic of it. It is a furry red pillow shaped like a heart with googly eyes (OK, so I copied – big deal). I saw one on Etsy and stole the idea. Sue me. I think I am going to show it off at work tomorrow. Maybe I can sell some to some grandparents. They are very cute.

I have so many craft projects to work on…some of them include…Valentine’s jewelry, a Valentine’s bag, Pop Culture Valentine’s (I do most every year). I need magazine clippings for that one. I also need to finish some scrapbook stuff and I want to fool around with my sewing machine on paper. THere are a lot of cool things you can do. Also on tap for me, I would like to organize my cafepress site and put some new designs up.

See I told you I am always busy! When people ask me what I do with my time, they prob. think I am a total bore cause I don’t go out a lot – sitting in with the tv and a craft is how I spend most of my nights.

Oh, by the way, I have a crush on Steve Carrell. Goodnight.

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