Blahg, Blahg, Blahg

So, I noticed that my ticker says 500 people have visited my site. Maybe I should give away a pair of earrings or something. Ha. Too bad I don’t know who it was who visited it last.

Another Monday night. Mondays usually are pretty uneventful. Yeah, I think according to my old schedule, I am supposed to do laundry on this night, but the lack of quarters really hurts me in that dept. Oh, one day I will have a wonderful washer and dryer set. One of these days…

I am starting to concentrate on the job hunt. I have sent out a few resumes, but need to follow up. I have done some research of places I would like to work and have searched the obvious job sites…monster, careerbuilder, craigslist, creativehotlist. In the multitude of design jobs out there, I really think there are only a handful I feel qualified/suited for. Sure, I could work about anywhere, but I want to focus on my career and evolving as a person and a designer. Just some random ad agency job doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I think I will find the right fit someday.

My house is still a wreck. Finding the motivation to clean is one of those things that allude me. If I were to win the lottery, I would prob. hire a maid/personal organizer. Even if it was only a couple of times a week, I would like them to come in, clean all the dust and dirt, help me straighten and organize and do all those lowly chores that most normal people do, but I detest doing. Seems like people really accomplish doing mundane stuff like vacumming and dusting. For example, Steven’s house if spic and span and Molly’s place is always pretty much in order. I guess that would mean I would have to stop typing blogs at 8:15 and looking up junk on the internet, stop watching TV, stop taking random hour baths and falling asleep in my robe. Oh, I wish I had a maid.


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