A case of the Mondays…

So, today, I had a case of the Mondays. I started out feeling bummed out about personal stuff going on and then my dad called me and told me that one of his best friends had passed away. Suddenly, my personal crap shifted out of my mind and my thoughts were with my dad and his friend’s family. I just feel really sad about it. The death was sudden and so shocking. I would appreciate any prayers or thoughts during this time for Mr. Robinson. He was such a sweet, sweet man. Always kind and gentle-hearted and I know he will be missed. I also mourn for my dad. They had a great friendship (whether sparring about politics or rebuilding computers). They also were co-workers in a way, too. Mr. Robinson and my dad own the building they work in together, so I don’t know what will become of his practice. I know everything will work itself out.

So, on top of this, I got a passive aggressive comment from a co-worker. This person shall remain nameless, but if you look below at the post about the products I designed, you can see the design for Americana. Well, the logo was conceived and based on a style of packaging for a gilette razor that my boss and I saw at Wal-mart. It is loosely based on this blending of colors and soft elegance that the packaging conveyed. Anyway, I created numerous bottle graphics in photoshop. I work in photoshop, cause this is the only way I know to create a blurry/soft glow. So, the logo is now a photoshop file. It can be adjusted to be an illustrator file, but with everything going on, I have not had time to fine tune it. So, here’s the comment I heard, “You know, on the graphic design forum, they really hate logo designs that are done in Photoshop”. Now, it isn’t so much the statement, but the person and the way that they stated it. It was just a “one up” kinda comment that really pissed me off. Ughhhhh. I know as a designer, that I’m not perfect, nor do I set up files exactly right; however, when you hear on a daily basis (I heard about 3 comments today) how your file setup is wrong or you hear criticism on you organized your folders, etc., it gets really annoying really fast. I am a nice person and I try not to say underhanded things, but man, oh man, did I want to put them in their place. I had a thought in my head, but I didn’t say it. I hate when people are passive agressive.

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