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So, I post a lot of crap up here of crafty stuff I do, but all of that is in my spare time. Here are some actual new products that I designed at work. I’ll give you a little insight into them, just for kicks. Now, I just need to redo my web site and post some of these.

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Fashion Sequins
This product is really cool. I did everything on this packaging and also the components that go with it, too (merchandising aides, etc.). I came up with the logo design – wanted it very teen oriented. At first, we just put clothing laid out on the packaging, but it wasn’t working so I pressed really hard to get models. It made the packaging ten times better. The girl in this packaging is actually only 14…doesn’t look it. She was really sweet. I’m happy with the overall look of this. It’s my favorite product we came out with this year.

Fashion Beadz
So, this product is an offshoot of the Fashion Beadz you apply with a palette knife, which isn’t as cool as this product. THis writer is really cool… I made my neice a shirt with the beadz (it has sequins in it too). It said Little Miss Bling. It was so shimmery and sweet.

Foam Paint
Admittedly, when I first started working on this product, I thought it was lame….paint for craft foam…there is already stuff (glitter paint) out there for that, I thought. But, ya know, this is actually really cool paint. It is very cool and soft and pliable and very bright and colorful. It was actually a hit at the CHA show – talked about more than any of our other paint lines. The design of it is simple – again a fun font, mixed with kiddy like imagery. I wanted it to be a fun product to look at.

Designer Series
This product is supposed to be more sophisticated and upscale. They always want to include bright colors in the packaging, so I had to do both – make it look classy and colorful at the same time. That is always a challenge. Overall, I’m happy with it. This is one they didn’t mess with too much once I established the design and the funny thing is that I honestly think I designed the look of this label in an hour and it didn’t change too much. For D-art, that is a rarity.

Glo in the dark
Alert: I realize that the words are repeated in this photo. A lot of times, we have to do this cause we do the packaging in French and English and when I photographed this at first, it was a prototype. So now that that is out of the way.
This is one of my favorite designs this year for packaging. Again, I designed this in like a day and the logo in a few hours, but I think the colors are really fun and glowing and vibrant. The logo, I think is fun and young, too. I was struggling with it at the very start, but then I just put it together and it clicked. Yeah, it’s boxy, but I’m kinda boxy. I think this one seems more structured, while the Fashion Sequins has as softer feel. I had fun with it.

Americana Writer
I didn’t exactly design all this packaging, just the overall look, if you know what I mean. We are changing up our Americana (about time). I’m showing a pic of before and after. The 2 oz bottles will look fresher and airier and not have a tinge of a 1990’s living room.


  1. Anonymous says

    I love the Americana packaging! no kidding it’s about time *haha*, good analogy- 90’s living room. Speaking of which, I just bought Trivial Pursuit 90’s edition to start studying some of the questions. They are really tough man… I think I’m only going to study some of the categories. The ones more relevant to pop culture. It was on sale at Wal-Mart for $13, worth it I though. We really need to start talking about study-stuff. Think phone study would help?

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