It happened at Target

Last night, on my way in Target, a little boy (about 3 or 4) was walking in with his family outside saying…”We’re going to Arget. We’re going to Arget.” I thought it was pretty cute how he was pronouncing it. It made me laugh.

So I walked in and didn’t think I would be getting enough to have to get a cart. Well, as the shopping trip went on, I realized I needed to get all these things that I hadn’t anticipated and my arms were weighed down. Of course, there was no stray cart in sight. I just had to deal.

So, when I went out to my car, there was a cart right behind my car and I was thinking, “Now, I find a cart – go figure.” I loaded the stuff into my car and happened to notice the Target sign. The sign had the Bullseye logo with the word Arget next to it. Funny how things work like that.


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