My Sorta Kinda Exciting News

No, I’m not getting married, don’t have a boyfriend, didn’t win the lottery or meet John Mayer.

Your friend, Alexa, has some kinda bizarro/unique news for you…

I may be on a pop culture game show on VH1 called the World Series of Pop Culture.

Yep! You heard right, I have applied along with my friend Carey for a pop culture/reality show that is going to be aired on VH1 in a few months. We had to fill out an application for a premliminary audition in Atlanta. So, it is kinda like auditioning for Real World or some show like that. I’m sure there will be confessionals and behind the scenes footage taken. All three of us are doing the whole renegade crafter angle of marketing ourselves – we are quirky/crafty girls who are hyper creative. Carey and Alaidrial are both on the Atlanta Rollergirls, so I think that will be a cool angle, too.

Now, I could be getting excited about this for no good reason. We could not be picked, for all I know; however, all of our applications are very interesting and funny and engaging and I think that will help our chances to get to audition at a prelim. level. I really do hope so! It sounds like a fun opportunity. So, I have to start studying, even if I don’t make it. I started watching the 100 greatest metal bands, but gosh, it is kinda draining cause I’m not into that music, but I realize that all my interests in pop culture aren’t necc. going to be covered, so I have to be well-versed.

So, cross your fingers for me…if you do, maybe you will just find your friend being on VH1, rather than just talking about it.


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