I purchased the Making Memories book Ribbonrie today. Im so excited to use the ideas in it. I really do love ribbon and have a lot of it, but I just keep coming up with the same ideas to use it on my scrapbook pages. I’ll have to read up and do some new things.

Kristin, when I come to visit, I will bring it.

Also, Creating Keepsakes seems particularly good this month. I wanted to get it, but I’m sure that the issue is on its way to Decoart and I can swipe it at a later time, but look at it while I’m working (it is kinda a form of work – research).

The CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show went well from what I have heard. We have several new products coming out…my favorite is the Fashion Sequins, which I designed the packaging, and signage for, and I am currently working on the brochure for it as well. I do the whole product line components and have to make sure it carries the same look (branding) throughout. It can be fun, but with the way my work can be, I get the runaround a lot and it is frustrating. They knit pick over a lot of trivial stuff. Anyway, the Fashion Sequins is paint with a heavy concentration of glitter/sequins. It is so pretty. When it is spread out onto fabric, it looks glittery like those sequin bags and belts you see right now. I can’t wait to do some projects for Valentine’s (Kristin, here again, I’ll have to bring some for people to try out and get reaction from). We also have a new product called Foam Paint…it is for craft foam. I know that doesn’t sound all that interesting, but it really is vibrant and not tacky (the texture/feel of it). It is really shiny and compliments kids’ foamies stuff. It is easy to use and again, I got to design the logo. So, if any of this goes into Michael’s or Hobby Lobby(Sequins is def. going in Michael’s), I will be sure to let you know when it is there so you can go and check it out.


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